• Adash Kevirek

    Adash Kevirek

    A regular travelling saleman in the town, he delivers certain goods that the village can't necesarilly get on its own. He is accused of necromancy by the mysterious figure
  • Brem Glitz

    Brem Glitz

    A regular bar parton who dabbles in card tricks
  • Cirilla d'Fort

    Cirilla d'Fort

    Marie's daughter and the hardworking and attractive barkeep at The Greased Pig
  • Gen Ephithis

    Gen Ephithis

    The mayor's secratary of sorts, because of his anxiety, she's his main eyes and ears around town
  • Grennia Errara

    Grennia Errara

    Cook for the Greased Pig and mother to Tevvy, she and Marie don't get along well, but she makes superb food
  • Janine Elderon

    Janine Elderon

    She assists people in the marketplace on occasion, she parents died recently and so she was left on her own, but the townsfolk make sure she's fed and clothed well
  • Kav'El Nedashkia

    Kav'El Nedashkia

    The town's weaver, orginally from the province of Aa'Kipur
  • Magdaline Zenus

    Magdaline Zenus

    An officer of the Garovian army sent to Orkney to check on the wellbeing of the town
  • Marie d'Fort

    Marie d'Fort

    The strict, no-nonsense innkeeper at The Greased Pig
  • Pat Grusk

    Pat Grusk

    A farmer in the town, and a well known drunkard
  • Segin Nicoria

    Segin Nicoria

    The gravekeeper of Orkney and possibly the oldest person in town, no one is sure of how old he actually is (DEAD)
  • Tevvy Errara

    Tevvy Errara

    One of the few children in town, he spends most of his time at the bar while his father is farming